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    That is a link to the ‘coverage index’, a scale for comparing how naked/covered your glans is. I had a 5 beforehand, trimmed back to a high 2.

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    interesting… I’d say I went from a 9 to 3.5 on that scale. Would rather mine had ended up tighter

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      Actually I think I might be more like a 4.5 on that scale

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    Now i discovered that mine is 1

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    Ideally I’d also have wanted no wrinkles on the shaft when completely soft, but with a (relatively) high cut I was able to uncover all of the glans as well as the area behind the corona. Concerns for the soft state are mostly health and hygiene (everyday concerns- most of the time I’m not erect, haha), and and perhaps occasional sensation from the glans/former inner foreskin contacting leg or clothing. I’d found this could be unpleasant while I was still hooded as the area would be slightly moist and hence high-friction against skin or fabric (esp. jeans) if my skin rolled back over the head for any great length of time, while it was generally good apart from that.

    My main concern though was sexual performance- while I didn’t want mobile skin sliding over sensitive areas (limiting sensation for both the woman and the man), I had to go with a cut that would limit any drawing-up of the scrotum skin onto the shaft (as in CI-1 erect) so I (or rather the surgeon) measured everything off the tightest cut I could get while erect while still keeping the shaft free. Luckily I’m a shower rather than a grower so I could manage a bare head hard or soft, but I had to compromise somewhat regardless and naturally chose a slight change to the ‘inactive’ state rather than risking leaving not enough skin when ‘active’. Do you have issues with drawing-up of skin from the base of the shaft? It can be more of a problem with higher cuts (if I remember right- mine was some time ago) as a cut closer to the head allows more shaft skin to naturally stretch on erection.

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    I would say I was left with a 4. I was circumcised about 6 months ago and am considering revision. My doctor agreed to do a tight cut, but in talking with him after about revision he seems to be inherantly against tight cuts, I wish he would have been up front with me so my expectations would have been correct.
    I am now considering revision as cosmeticLly, I’d really prefer my sulcus be exposed in the soft state.
    During sexual activity the skin pulls just over the coronal ridge on the out stroke, which I also feel effect pleasure. Anyone else have a similar experience? We’re you able to get an improved result?

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