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    Hello, I have a son hes 12, his foreskin is too tight to retract and im worried about future problems that may cause. In my culture we don’t apply this procedure so I’m unsure what to do.

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    David Hodgson

    I was circumcised as an adult due to a tight foreskin and my wife prefers the look. When our first boy was born, she asked if I wanted him to be circumcised. I hadn’t really thought about it but she was keen to at least explore the possibility. I agreed that we at least look into it. My wife did all the research and presented me with her opinion. We should go ahead and have jake circumcised. The doctor did a great job and when our second son was born there was no debate. As someone who has experienced life with and without a foreskin, there is no comparison. I think it is much better to be circumcised and both my boys are properly circumcised and happy with it.

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    Hi Deb,

    I had a similar issue when I was 15 and my doctor recommended circumcision. I was circumcised a few weeks later and have had no issues since. I am no in my 30’s and didn’t hesitate to have my first son circumcised

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    Choice Maker

    Off-topic posts may be deleted

    Please remember that this website is exclusively about voluntary and informed adult circumcision. Infant circumcision is off topic and attracts a lot of ugly attention. This topic may be deleted with no warning.

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    Thanks for your input. I will be making an appointment for the procedure soon

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      Deb, MANY boys and men have this surgery, you just do not hear about it. Men HAVE to clean under the foreskin and if not, then cancer sometimes results. Many times the skin becomes much to tight to pull back and circumcision is required. Make sure to get a much experienced doctor.

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    There are other opinions, circumcision should always be a be a last resort. Especially since circumcision is not done in your culture.

    There are creams & stretching exercises that can loosen a tigh foreskin. Try them first before having surgery.

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    Hi Deb my son is a bit older but he had the same issue, we had him done a few months ago without any problems and all is good now.

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    I have a friend who had his son circumcised becuase he was in the US and the doctor recommended it. But he is european and not circumcsed. I wonder what his wife things. His son is now 3 and I’ve been told he has just “discovered” his penis and i wonder if compare to dad.

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      I doubt the son thinks anything about it yet, in terms of the difference.

      Does your friend want to get circumcised?

      This story is a little similar to mine. My family is from France and since I was born there I was not circumcised. My brother was born in the US and my folks chose to have him circumcised at birth. My father dad chose to have it done about 15ish years after we immigrated here. I followed suit 5 years ago and was circumcised when I was 33.

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