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    Hi everyone I’m Harry from England, I’m new to this forum.
    I had a partial circumcision done by a doctor in South Korea ( it’s a long story, don’t want to go into it).
    It functions fine but looks horrible hence why I’m in need of a circumcision revision.
    Does anybody know any circumcision specialists in the U.K or Europe?
    I know there are plenty of good surgeons in US but I don’t want to travel that far, but if I don’t find anyone good in Europe I might have to.
    I’ve heard positive things about Harold Reed (Miami) Joel Gelman and Gary Alter (both Cali)
    It’s really difficult trying to find someone in Europe, I’ve been for many consultations and none of the surgeons I’ve spoke to seem to be as aesthetics orientated as most US surgeons.
    If anybody can give me any advice I’d really appreciate it.

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    Hi Harry,

    I had a re-circumcision performed by Dr Zarifa at the Custom House Surgery in London but unfortunately he has now retired, however I have heard good reports concerning The Circumcision Centre at Luton. Obviously the outcome of a re-circumcision is partly dependent on what tissue has been left after the previous surgery and the increased cost reflects the more complex nature of the procedure.

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    There is a doctor in London, England who performs the no flip shang ring circumcison.

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    Hi guys, I need to find a doctor/urologist in Ohio (USA) who can correct the botched-up self-circumcision I did to myself using rubber bands. I decided about 3 years ago if I can’t get the foreskin cut off, I’ll use rubber bands. Well, that’s what I did but I do not like the way it turned out. The only thing I like about it is that my glans is permanently exposed. The self-circumcision left too much skin on the left side and bottom of my penis and it looks horrible. The rubber bands also cut too far into the skin on my shaft and now when I pee and ejaculate semen it comes out on the bottom of my penis instead of the urethral opening. Can you help me? Thank you! Bruce

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    Derek Ruffle

    I need a revision circumcision and want it cut extra tight. Can you help me please. Thank you.

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