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    So my circumcision was just approved by a urologist I visited. He was very informal and quick to approve which made me happy. It sounds like he does the sleeve resection technique for the surgery. How should I bring up that I would like it high and tight?

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    Dear Ted,
    The best thing to do is find a picture–there are plenty online–of what you want to look like. Get one erect and one soft. The doctor will not think you are odd. In fact, the doc who did my circ asked if I had a picture to show what I wanted. You could also make a drawing. You should explain in your own words how tight you want it to feel. Do you want there to be any skin movement when erect? A little? A lot? When soft, do you want the corona of your penis to be completely exposed? Or is some wrinkly skin bunching up on the shaft OK with you? Write it down if you are afraid you won’t remember what to say. Ask the doctor if he has any concerns about what you are asking for. If he does, get him to explain. Remember that urologists see penises every day. You should be seeing a doctor who does circumcisions all the time. Ask about that, too! He earns his living doing such procedures, so be open and specific about your desires. Don’t even worry if you get an erection while being examined! It will help the doctor judge what can be done! And remember that leaving too much foreskin is the No. 1 complaint of adult men getting circumcised. Good luck and best wishes with your procedure. It is not nearly as hard as people imagine!

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    I can’t tell you how extremely important it is for you to be comfortable with this asked him if he does complete circumcision

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    I can’t tell you how extremely important it is for you to be comfortable with this urologist.
    Asked him if he does complete circumcisions, if he makes a comment like that’s his specialty you need to find another doctor, because that’s a very LOW cut. The medical profession believes that the more inner foreskin there is the more susceptible you are to HIV, but now of days, with modern medicine, it seems like a that is really not as big of a concern anymore. Trust me if you’re doing this purely for cosmetic reasons you’ll want to make sure that the doctor completely understands that you want as much of that inner foreskin as possible. You need to be prepared that you will lose a little sensitivity, orgasms may not be as powerful as they once were, or you may not have body orgasms. I believe a HIGH cut will help minimize loss of sensitivity. The standard belief is that you should only be left with 2 to 5 mm of inner foreskin after circumcision but you need to tell this doctor you want 10 times that or at least 2″ left which would most likely leave the scar towards the middle of your shaft. That’s OK remember you can always get cut a second time and they can remove more inner foreskin if that’s what you desire but you can never get it back. My suggestion is to go with some doctor you pay for, Dr. Reed or Dr. Cornell, and ask then to show you pictures. If you go in with your insurance paying it’s gonna be for a medical reason and you don’t want the doctor to have some kind of excuse that he had to excise skin that was possibly infected. I tell you this from experience I too had always dreamed of having a high and tight cut I told the doctor many times but he seemed to blow me off, he’d say, Don’t worry you’ll be good. I can remember rolling into the operating room and right before they put me out, I told him please remember don’t cut too much inner foreskin. And I have regretted it for 20 years not that I’m not happy to be circumcised but that I didn’t get the penis I wanted, I got a pretty standard adult cut low in loose circumcision. I wound up having to spend more money to fix it because of other complications. I won’t get into and I truly believe I lost a lot of sensitivity because of the low cut and trust me I do notice a difference of what I feel on what inner foreskin I have left. Also definitely get it tight, If you have to get erect for the doctor so that he can make sure he gets as tight as possible, do it, don’t be ashamed. I wish I had received this kind of info before I just went with any urologist.
    Good luck and have a wonderful life after your circumcision let us know how it goes. I hope it will make a positive effect on your well being. As for me I’m happy to be circumcise although I’m not happy with my style and I did lose a lot of sensitivity, So I can’t say that sex is gonna get better but I sure think that a cut dic looks so much better.

    Best Regards

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