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    Hi Guys,
    I have some degree of phimosis and I’m booking an appointment with an urologist, so looking to get all my facts together in the mean time!

    I’m a bit scared of a circumcision because of the effect of the penis being desensitized due to exposure to air (the head, specifically). Can this be mitigated? It sounds like a horrible side effect that is just waiting to get you after circumcision.

    I’ve come across different styles of circumcision. Is this completely up to the patient or if you have phimosis (as I do), is there some limitation on what style you can have? My understanding is low and loose (low being the scar closer to the tip of the penis) leaves the most foreskin so this would be the most pleasurable?


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    The best thing I ever did for myself was getting circumcised!
    My personal experience is I got high and tight cut. That actually leaves more inner foreskin. My circ scar is about an inch from my coronal sulcus or base of head.
    Regarding pleasure and sensitivity, for me I really didn’t loose any sensitivity. Pleasure went way up since I no longer had foreskin to slide back over my head during sex or masturbation. Which I felt reduced my pleasure! My circ scar is sensitive in a great way and having tight shaft skin when erect really increased my pleasure. Visually my circumcised penis is pleasing to me and sexual partner which also increases pleasure!
    I hope this helps good luck to you. If I can be of further assistance please let me know

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      Hi bro,

      I worry if tight and high cut when erect will cause me get pain. Since now with foreskin i do hurt my ferenulum often. And having tear over there. Taking time to heal. When pull down skin can feel pain at ferenulum. So if do high and tight cut does it stretch my ferenulum more and cause pain ? Or should i consider about ferenulum removal ?

      If remove ferenulum the penis will.get harder erection especially the penis gland get expend ? Any sensitivity loss ?

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    N A

    Some great info there!
    I have an appointment booked with a specialist urologist for a few weeks, as this is a big decision Im looking to get all the information I can.

    Doesn’t a tight foreskin mean masturbation is harder? I thought a loose circumcision leaves the most foreskin?

    The majority of men state that the action of foreskin gliding over the penis is extremely satisfying, so I am confused why this wouldn’t be in your case?

    Lastly, do you keep your frenulum in your circumcision?

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    I was cut nearly a year ago. Requested High and Tight and wow what a difference! I have retained a fair bit of the inner sensitive skin and the whole area around and just below the corona is so pleasurable. With the tightness, erections feel so good! Everything about being cut (and losing my tight foreskin) has been great

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    I agree with JD.

    I got re-circumcised as an adult to tighten my initial circumcision which had gotten loose over the years. I requested that enough outer skin be removed to make the circumcision as tight as possible as I knew I would not want to go through with it again. It’s been 12 years now and I was right to opt for extra tight.

    I definitely got want I wanted. There is still no skin movement at all when I’m hard. The extra tightness pulls the pee slit open and causes the head to flare out more. This makes it appear larger.

    I now use lube to rub the head and stroke the shaft which is very pleasurable. Before I had some skin play and didn’t require lube. I love using the lube. I recommend a silicon based lube because it doesn’t dry up no matter how long you go at it.

    The extreme tightness also makes my penis incredibly hard so penetration is unbelievably enjoyable. Sliding in and out is very smooth. Orgasms are great and if I pull out I ejaculate much farther than before. Erections definitely do feel great with a drum tight circumcision.

    My circumcision is not as high as it used to be, however. I had to lose some of my inner foreskin in order to be re-circumcised. I’ve gone from about 2 inches of sensitive pink skin to about 1.5 inches from the ridge of the head. The trade off has been worth it.

    I also requested that my residual frenulum (which was substantial) be completely removed. I never liked the way it looked and envied my peers whose frenulums never developed after their infant circumcisions. Removing the frenulum has added to the tightness/hardness and smoother penetration mentioned earlier. It has also made the underside of my penis smooth.

    Some partners have told me that, when giving head, they prefer the smooth feeling on the underside of my penis over how it felt when I had my frenulum. One told me that the extra frenulum skin on some guys gives the sensation of having an uncircumcised penis in the mouth. Needless to say, I still have lots of sensation in that area and enjoy having oral attention given to it.

    Anyway, I’m with JD, high and tight is the way to go!

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      Good point about the frenulum!

      First, mine was split (frenulotomy) because it was to short (frenulum breve).

      When I got circumcised a few years after that, my urologist/surgeon suggested removing the remnants (frenectomy). Gladly I took his advise!

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