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    How did everybody cope with this? It was a last hurdle for me and so I’d make sure I had underwear to change into and would skip showers after swimming. I’d gotten some stick for this but today decided to take the plunge, even though I’m still a bit self conscious and the scar is a bit darker than the rest of my skin, and it seemed as thoufh everybody would notice. Not a word though! If anybody was worried about that it seems those fears aren’t real. What kind of reactions did you guys expect, and did anybody react at all?

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    I recall my husband saying he was very self conscious because of swelling but also a very obvious scar. He said he caught many men looking subtly. That went on for a few month until the scar faded. He was asked about it only once. He thought the person was gay. After a while he became less sefl conscious. Overall has says he felt less embarassed than when he had foreskin.

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    I had a friend who was circumcised during the 1950s when also having his appendix out. I had another friend who was born to an American family overseas and had his done when he came to the U. S. to go to high school and had his tonsils out. (I’ve heard that circumcision was often done in connection with tonsilectomies and appendectomies in that era.) Anyway, my first friend said his college buddies were cut/uncut about 50-50. He said his uncut friends were fascinated with his new look and somewhat envious. These happened to all be straight guys, so it goes to show that men do notice and many think circumcision is an improvement. My other friend was glad to be circumcised and it certainly helped him fit in with the other guys.

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    Since we go to clothing optional beaches 1 or 2 times a year, my husband is also more confident with his cut status. Before he got cut, we once went to a beach and he was really self conscious but mostly from glances from women. It was very strange to me. Then he decided to push the skin back the next 2 times and he felt more selfconscious because he knew he was not fooling anyone plus the skin kept rolling back. He was miserable. I did not know what to do. The a year later he said he wanted to get cut. I said it was his decision because it does not make any difference to me .

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    I waited until my circumcision was completely healed before going back to the gym. As far as I know, no one noticed a difference because I always kept my foreskin retracted.

    Growing up it was different, I did everything I could to avoid gym in high school (band, sports, etc)… The few times I did have to change in front of others I was super self conscious about it and kept a towel around me while facing the wall.

    When I was a kid, we’d go to the community pool with my dad and brother everyone was cut. The pool had one of those large same-sex changing areas so it was common to see other guys in various states of undress. I remember my dad would always make sure his foreskin was pulled back while changing into and out of his clothing and while showering there.

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