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    I am 30yo uncut guy. I will be specific here.

    I try to masturbate like cut guy with soft soap while showering keeping my foresking tightly held back. I have nticed due to jerking off for 15-20 mins my corona starts to bruise and i start getting burning sensation when in contact of water. It seems the bruising is actually caused by due to fact that i try to stroke full head and corona unlike cut guys who workout upon the scar line on shaft.

    So, my question is basically to cut guys out there who had faced this issue.

    One of the main reason I want to get cut is to get rid of this kind of sensitivity and i want to make my glans fully keratinised tough enough to endure the strokes on the corona.
    I have heard that circumcised penises get keratinised over the time due to friction with clothes.

    Many people think this os disadvantageous, however this is exact teason. I want to get circumcised. I want my glans penis to get tough and endure vigorous strokes.

    Is there hope for finding solution in circumcision?

    Sincere regards,

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    You can chat me on hackspirit0(at)gmail.com

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    Mohit, I tried to send you an email at the address you posted.
    Wouldn’t send, said it was an invalid email address!

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    Hi Charlie, Let me put it again.
    My email: hackspirit0@gmail.com

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    I would love to receive your email.

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    Hi Mohit,

    I am your age and still uncut i started to jerk that way about you 5yrs ago and had the same issue initally but after a few months it just gets used to it and becomes a bit less sensitive.

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    I sent you email as we discussed but never read back!

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    Hi Mohit,
    I practice the same technique for masturbation and I use it exclusively, however, I don’t use soap, just the natural lube of the water of the shower works for me. This summer I experimented with keeping my forskin retracted 24hrs a day to get a feel of what the permanent state of circumcision feels like. After a month of doing this vigilantly, I masturbated dry, while not in the shower. The sensitivity had definitely decreased, but there was stimulation, just muted to what it was before, thus making the practice last a lot longer, which I actually prefer.
    One day the foreskin covered the glans on it’s own (as it had done occasionally but I retracted it again) and I left it there until now, where I have once again retracted it full time. That is to say I desire circumcision and at some point must take the plunge.

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