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    After, several years of consideration I am finally getting circumcised. Still very undecided on style and whether to keep my frenum or not. Any help is greatly appreciated. I’m more of a grower than a shower.

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    I would recommend the high & tight circumcision, and have the frenulum removed, simply because it looks much better without the frenulum. I hope to get a circumcision revision soon because of the self-circumcision that I did to myself. My foreskin is too long, & when I did the circumcision I got the glans to stay permanently exposed, but there is a lot of excessive skin on it that I really do NOT need. With all of that excessive skin, you can tell I did the circumcision myself.

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    Thank you. I just worry with a high and tight, I won’t have enough slack when hard. I’m good with getting rid of the frenum, as it hurts during sexual activity.

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