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    So I have an appointment with a urologist for the 2nd week in June to talk about being circumcised. As I live in Canada and healthcare is paid for by the government, elective circumcisions are not covered. Nonetheless, the doctor says he wants to still examine me and review my medical history to see if it can be covered.

    I may be going on holidays that week but if I don’t know, I’m really excited about the appointment. Hopefully if I’m approved, I won’t have to wait too long for the surgery.

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    So I had the appointment with the urologist last week and he agreed I’m a candidate for circumcision. I was told I’ll get a letter in the mail as to when my surgery will be but it won’t happen until the Fall or winter. The doctor says he uses the ‘sleeve technique’. What appearance does the sleeve technique produce?

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      The sleeve resection technique can produce any style, as the sleeve which is removed consists of a variable amount of inner and outer foreskin. Low or high. Loose or tight. If you prefer a particular style, go and ask the surgeon about the details.

      I got cut relatively low (0.4 inches of inner foreskin remaining) and moderately tight — my glans is never covered, even if it’s cold:)

      All the best!

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