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    Hello guys,

    I need some help and advice to put my mind at ease please. I am 32 years old and went under the knife on monday (16th). Procedure went ok from what i can tell. Today is day 3 post surgery and there is still heavy swelling around the base of the head. Espcially on the left hand side. The top bandage has come off naturally but the secondary bandage is still there (stitched). I am applying ice reguarly and wearing loose shorts. Ive been speaking to my surgeon but cant get decent answers with regards to the stiches and all. All he said was that the stiches they used were Vicryl. Having googled those it says it could take about 56 days to melt away. Could this be right?? I appreciate the discomfort when moving around or when having to urinate but ill have to deal with that. Sex/masturbation isnt even on my mind and having read through the forums i know its best to wait atleast 4 weeks.

    I just wanted to easy my mind with regards to the swelling and the stitches. And if its notmal to have it so weird looking still and swollen on one side, and the folds being so prominent where the stitches are below the head. Will it all smoothe out eventually? Been told to not get the scar wet or shower for atleast a week (is that right?). Sorry for blabbering on. Just a bit stressed.

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    Dear Pratik,
    You are right to contact your doctor. We cannot give medical advice via a message board. That said, an adult circ pretty much always looks rough the first few days after! As far as the loose shorts, lots of docs recommend tight shorts. Try and see which works best for you. Every man’s body is a bit different, so stay in touch with your doc and keep calm. If you can’t stand it, insist that he have a look! But I’ll bet in three or four days you’ll be feeling and looking much better. At least that’s how it went for me. Pain, swelling, and sensitivity really do resolve with time!

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    What type of circumcision did you get done? Did you get the frenulum removed? What was your experience? I am considering getting circumcised but scared of the results. Do you mind if I e-mail you for questions?
    Thanks for your help and good luck with your recovery z

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    Hi guys,

    Mason thank you for your advice. I have tried a tighter underwear today and it feels better. Although the touch if cloth to the head is unsettling. But like everything it will take time to get used to.

    Hi Simon, pass on your email address and i can answer whatever questions you have. I dont know exactly what type of surgery i had, but needed it done due to phimosis therefore am not sure what they have done with the frenulum. The doctor didnt mention anything about it. The actual surgery went ok, i did it under local anaesthetic and was reasonably painfree. The first day was the hardest with walking snd sitting. But have come off the strong pain meds after day 2. Just on paracetamol and ibuprofen with regular ice packs.

    Just hoping for a quick recovery with the swelling and stitches.

    Thanks guys.

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