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    This varies by locality, but especially in the USA, circumcision is the norm. The only other uncircumcised guy I knew in real life growing up is still the only uncircumcised guy I know in real life as an adult: my brother. My dad, my grandfathers, and all of my friends whose penises I ever sneaked a peek at are circumcised and it was frankly embarrassing.

    I would scoot in close to the urinal so nobody could see I was different. You might have done this too.

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    Keymaster: I have to agree with you as the growing up period of my life. Except for my brothers who were uncut like me, my father was clipped in the military during World War II as was the majority of my uncles. During gym in middle and high school, it was embarrassing to be the only unclipped kid in the bunch. One of my brother’s friends taught me how to roll the hood back during gym and the inevitable showers afterward. Conversely, it was his teaching me this that led to my discovery of masturbation at the age of thirteen. My balls were given a workout by that means. I usually tried to hide in the showers (as I was an early developer and was very muscular and hairy) and usually went in the toilets instead of the urinals. I decided in high school not to hide anymore but there were many days when the hood would ride up. My wife never complained about the hood but after I was clipped in bootcamp, she told me that she had a fantasy about me being clipped. That first weekend home, not only did we go at it like rabbits but she could now feel me in her vagina and my cumming in her now would drive her to her own great organism. She feels to this day, that the clipping (she made me find out the date and we celebrate each year) was the best thing in the world for her, me and us.

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston
      I do not consider being circumcised to be abnormal. I believe circumcision is necessary especially when it comes to hygiene. I do not like the idea of smelling like urinals that haven’t been flushed all day, and like urine that has been on the floor all day. Both of these odors are gross, just like the foreskin is extremely gross. I have always been turned on by circumcised penises. There’s just something about an exposed glans that drives me wild, and I love it!! When I stood at a urinal to pee, I would always push the foreskin back off of the glans so that I would look circumcised just like all the rest of the guys in the restroom are. I can count on one hand how many uncut penises I have seen. Uncut is abnormal NOT circumcised!!
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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    Another thing that bothers me is grown men who complain about not having the opportunity to make up their own minds about being circumcised. I personally wish that my parents would have had me circumcised when I was born, because if they had done it, I firmly believe that it would have avoided doing a botched up self-circumcision which needs to be repaired, and it would have eliminated the ridicule and embarrassment. This is not about infant circumcision. I now, as an adult have decided that I definitely desire to be circumcised. I already got the glans to stay exposed 24/7/365 permanently, and all I have to do now is to get the foreskin cut off so that my penis will look like a real circumcised penis.

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