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    Hey guys,
    I’m a 21 year old that lives in NYC and I’ve been wanting to be circumcised since I was 13. For whatever reasons I wasn’t at birth but I’ve finally saved up and I’m committed on getting it done hopefully no later than next month.

    I have a fully functional foreskin, my penis sizes are:

    3.7” H by 4.8” W. Flacid

    6.5” H by 5.1” W. Erect

    So I’m a little bit of a grower, but I want a high and tight circumcision and to have my frenulum removed.

    First thing, I really want to have a very tight circumcision as I want my glans to always be exposed even when soft (and on cold water.) I just don’t know how to go around explaining that to the doctor.

    Following that, I also want to make sure that while I get a high circumcision the scar isn’t at or below the mid point of my penis. (I think 3/4 or 4/5 is a good spot for it.)

    Speaking of the scar, I’m also very worried about it. While I don’t mind the line, I’m really scared of having the stitches forever imprinted on my penis. I’ve seen a lot of pictures where that’s the case and I don’t think it looks good and gives me a little anxiety as I don’t know how to avoid that.

    All in all, I think what I need is to get the right doctor, I’ve saved up quite a bit of money to get it done so I’d like to get a recommendation for a doctor in NYC, and overall advice on my concerns

    Thank you so much

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    Hi Oliver,
    I can’t suggest a New York doctor, but Dr. Cornell in Atlanta can give you what you want. He did mine just as I asked. Check for airfares. I flew in and out the same day. He did mine under a local, and the stick for the anesthetic was the only thing I felt. If you are going to do this, do it right! As far as telling the doctor what you want, just print out what you wrote here. If the doctor does not perform the procedure to suit the patient’s request, go elsewhere. There are lots of doctors. Again, Dr. Cornell can do your circ so you do not have stitch marks. Google him at Cornell Circumcision Center, Atlanta.

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    Hey Mason,
    Thanks for your reply. I’ve looked him up before and the pictures of his work definitely look like what I’m looking for. It just sucks that he’s in Atlanta, flights are not that expensive but it is still an added cost. However I agree if there’s no one else that’s as appealing then I’d go with him.
    With regards to him, how was your whole experience in and out. How does the consultation and examination go about, how much time between that and the surgery and how long does the surgery take. Should I stay in Atlanta overnight or can I fly back that same day, and would I need to come back for examination or were you transferred to another doctor in NYC.

    Also, do you know what he does special that makes his work look so much better.

    I hope they’re not a lot of questions, but your replies can help me a lot, Thank you!

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    Hi Oliver,
    Sorry to be slow getting back to you. I flew over and back from a nearby city the same day. He scheduled the procedure so I could do that. I thought about staying overnight, and he said he would check me the next day, but said many fly in and out the same day. If you had the time, I’d say stay a night. There are hotels nearby that his office can refer you to. You can phone and discuss the procedure with his office. They will answer your questions. His office is entirely confidential and professional. He has a male assistant in the procedure room. Here’s how it went for me. I entered his office…It just says “Dr. Cornell, Urology” not “Circumcision Center.” I had to fill out some papers with medical history, etc., as well as a form stating that I understood the risks associated with any surgery. When he came into the exam room, he asked me why I wanted to be circumcised. I said it was primarily for appearance and hygiene, that it was something I’d wanted since I was old enough to know what it was. He was fine with that, and asked what style and tightness I wanted. I said I wanted as tight as possible without causing problems. He then asked to have a look. This was embarrassing, but you have to remember that a circumcision specialist or other urologist sees penises every day, so I decided not to be embarrassed. I even got an erection, which he said was helpful in judging how much foreskin could safely be removed! He did everything possible to make me feel at ease. After a careful look, he asked if I wanted to go forward with the procedure. I said yes, and he gave me the anesthetic injections. The first one was the only one I felt. It was at the base of the penis. I would compare it to the shot you get at the dentist when having a cavity filled. After that, there was no pain. He draped me in a surgical gown, and the procedure itself took about half an hour. He and the assistant chatted with me about happy things. When it was done, he asked if I wanted to have a look. He wanted to be sure I was satisfied that enough skin had been removed. It was not a pretty sight, but there was my foreskin lying on a tray off to one side! I was finally circumcised!!! He gave me a prescription for some pain meds and something to sniff that makes an erection go away. I rode the MARTA back to the airport, got on the plane, took a pill, and had a wonderful nap! You have to be gentle with yourself the first few days. He puts in plenty of stitches. There is not pain, but any time you have healing skin, you want to be gentle. When I woke up and felt like an erection, I just got in a fetal position and all was fine. The hard part is waiting to take the compressive bandage off. He has you wear that for 10-14 days. That is how he avoids stitch lines. Other doctors use thicker thread for the stitches. His technique minimizes scarring. In a month to six weeks (which seems like a long time but with any surgery and compared with the span of life it is not!) all was well. I was able to gently masturbate to a climax and then sex with lube after a while longer. Lube is the key for those early experiences! Anyway, once I got used to it, I was so happy to be circumcised. Still am! Every day when I put on my boxerbriefs, the bare glans reminds me with the gentle rubbing that comes with just walking what every cut at birth guy gets to enjoy and doesn’t know to be thankful for. Hope this helps. I’ll be glad to try and answer any other questions.

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    Brian Bruning

    Dr. Dave is the very best. Reed in FL used to do circumcisions but now is focusing on sex changes (more $$$). Circumcisioncenter.com

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    I am also looking for a doctor in the area. Did you end up finding someone local?

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