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    Anyone getting circumcised this year ?

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    I’m considering it. The only technique available in my area is the Pollock technique, so I want to do a little more research before following through. It sounds like this technique tends to result in a “high and loose” circumcision.

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    Yes if it is to be. Goal to ask my wife if she would like me to get circumcised and if so to make arrangements. I’m thinking high and tight no frenum unless she has other preferences.

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    anyone retracting ?

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    Strongly recommend that you keep the skin back before the operation, both to get your mind used to the general sensations (imo these are actually really enjoyable, but you don’t want to be constantly aroused, esp. during healing- you have to learn to ‘tune out’ glans-clothing contact), and also so you won’t have to deal with excess sensitivity right after the op. It also gives a reasonable idea of what you might expect day to day. Sex is quite a lot more difficult to keep the head bare throughout, but there are ways (none of which I’d really recommend)

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    Yes, I had my foreskin permanently retracted for four years before my circumcision, and for various periods before that. So my head was totally used to being exposed. I recommend this to anyone getting done!

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    I’ve got a goal of seeing the urologist in March, and getting the procedure done by the end of the year. Mine is a bit more complex of a scenario since I need a revision to a prior partial circumcision. It has taken me quite a while to work up there courage to give it another go, but it is time and I look forward to a proper and fully functional penis.

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