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    Anyone getting circumcised this year ?

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    I’m considering it. The only technique available in my area is the Pollock technique, so I want to do a little more research before following through. It sounds like this technique tends to result in a “high and loose” circumcision.

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    Yes if it is to be. Goal to ask my wife if she would like me to get circumcised and if so to make arrangements. I’m thinking high and tight no frenum unless she has other preferences.

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    anyone retracting ?

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    Strongly recommend that you keep the skin back before the operation, both to get your mind used to the general sensations (imo these are actually really enjoyable, but you don’t want to be constantly aroused, esp. during healing- you have to learn to ‘tune out’ glans-clothing contact), and also so you won’t have to deal with excess sensitivity right after the op. It also gives a reasonable idea of what you might expect day to day. Sex is quite a lot more difficult to keep the head bare throughout, but there are ways (none of which I’d really recommend)

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    Yes, I had my foreskin permanently retracted for four years before my circumcision, and for various periods before that. So my head was totally used to being exposed. I recommend this to anyone getting done!

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    I’ve got a goal of seeing the urologist in March, and getting the procedure done by the end of the year. Mine is a bit more complex of a scenario since I need a revision to a prior partial circumcision. It has taken me quite a while to work up there courage to give it another go, but it is time and I look forward to a proper and fully functional penis.

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    I am scheduled for next month. Excited and anxious all at the same time. Procedure will be sleeve resection for a high and tight outcome. Requesting prostaglandin injection to ensure accuracy. Have been keeping my skin retracted for years now and feel as though head is desensitized a bit. Also planning on having frenulum removed.

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    I have kept my foreskin retracted,from as young as six or seven, some of my school friends needed to be circumcised, which was unusual from where I come from, my Father walked around the house wearing nothing but a vest, with his genitals exposed, he looked circumcised,(years later I discovered he wasn’t, he was just doing what I’ve been doing).I also discovered at that young age the great pleasure I could enjoy, massaging the Glans with my thumb, body trembling orgasms,(unfortunately they ceased after a number of years once I began ejucalating). I was chastised by my parents when caught doing this and lived in fear. I also believed that I and the rest of my brothers would eventually be circumcised, and be like the others, and my father.(never happened though) However I always loved having the glans exposed, to the elements, the clothes I was wearing, underwear, but also the climate, warm or cold weather. The foreskin would creep forward, but every chance I got I put my hand down my pants, and push it back.
    Into my teens, I sometimes used tape to keep it back, or roll it in on itself.
    I then which turned out to be,the perfect solution, I stretched my foreskin as far back as it would go putting as much pressure on the frenulum, as to cause pain and nearly tear it, and held it there for many minutes at a time, doing so nightly,until it had no effect on my foreskin.
    I always felt that I was in the minority, as I had circumcised friends, and ones with foreskins in all shapes and sizes, but none who were like me.
    Thankfully for the internet, I am not the only one.There are maybe as many men who keep there foreskins retracted around the world, as there are actually circumcised. But it’s never discussed, your either circumcised or not, many men who keep their foreskin retracted, generally resort to circumcision, when it isn’t necessary.

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      Necessity isn’t a major focus of the site/forum, as it’s mainly about guys who get circumcised voluntarily for personal reasons, and I’d be surprised if more than a small minority didn’t want their head exposed completely by the op. It sounds as though you had a short frenulum- glad things worked out for you in the end. I didn’t have a frenulum problem, but the skin would eventually make its way back to cover the head just from contact with clothing and so on. I was able to flick it back (surreptitiously) via a pocket but any moisture that would get there could lead to chafing (I’m a keen hiker and orienteer, staying skinned back during that sort of thing was often a problem). Without foreskin you simply don’t have to worry about that, there’s a lot less irritation from rough fabrics and trapped sweat in hot weather.

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    Like you Justin, I kept my foreskin retracted for many years, having been taught to do so by my father. Some foreskins will stay behind the coronal ridge; others will not. In my case I achieved pretty reliable retraction, but it seemed I was always having to make adjustments at inopportune moments–the slipping forward of the foreskin actually became uncomfortable for me. I was always worried when undressing in front of others (everyone I knew was circumcised) that my foreskin would slip forward at the wrong moment. So at age 21 I had the op. and never looked back. I chose circumcision, but I certainly did feel that foreskin retraction was the best option next to being circumcised. Incidentally, my dad also got circumcised years before I did but did not tell me about it. He was highly pleased with the result. I might have asked to have it done it sooner had I known. I wish that parents would discuss all these things with their sons, embarrassing though it might be!

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    I had a somewhat similar experience to Mason and Justin. I was born in Europe but we moved here when I was still a baby. I believe if my folks had known circumcision was so common here they would had had me done at that point; however, they said they didn’t find out it was so common until my brother was born four years later. They chose to have him circumcised. I say “chose” because at that point, circumcision needed to be consented by the parents and was no longer automatically done.

    When I was growing up, we’d go to the community pool on summer weekends. The changing are was semi-public so it was quite common to see almost everyone else there nude. I think my dad was self conscious about being uncut becauseI remember he would always retract his foreskin and leave it that way while changing into and out of his swim suit. We weren’t nudists but it was quite common to see my folks naked as they’d walk from the bathroom to their bedroom nude after a shower. Eventually, most of the time he’d have his foreskin retracted at home too. When I was 12 or 13, I figured out that my foreskin would also stay retracted so o stared doing it too.

    After having lived in the US for about 15 years, my dad also chose to get circumcised. I came home from school one day and he wasn’t at work, when I asked, my mom said he’d had a small operation that morning. When I asked if he was ok, she said he’d be better soon. A few weeks later when I saw him getting out of the shower, I noticed he’d been circumcised. I didn’t say anything and never have. I eventually got cut when I was 33 and haven’t looked back.

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    I’m getting circumcised in about 2 weeks!

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    I would like to get it done this year. I have a hernia on the left side of my PENIS, but not on my penis. I don’t know if urologists can do anything about hernias in the area of the penis, but if he can, I would like for him to do the circumcision revision on it to correct my messed up self-corcumcision. I will see the urologist in July.

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    So has anyone made good on their resolution? I hve not

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    I did in oct. I was thinking all year. I was almost going to miss out but my medical insirance was expiring and then i thought i better do it quikly. I probably would have pushed it to next year if it werent for having insurace pay for it. Gland is still very sensitive. I have low cut. So some is there when soft. I had noticed it is cleaner and no smell which is why i wanted it

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